Категория: Трейдинг, форекс
Добавлен: 20.02.2021

Company's Description: FnO is an innovative trading platform with a focus on risk management so that users can take on the capital markets with confidence. FnO provides a fair chance to you to trade with managed risks with a portfolio of products suited to your trading experience.

It has a curated list of multiple investment options in stocks, currency pairs, and indices which lets you invest and trade in different instruments based on your risk appetite and trading preferences.

Campaign Description: It is a CPA (Cost per Acquisition) campaign in which affiliates must divert the traffic to the advertiser website and drive qualified acquisitions. Advertiser offering their affiliates to run it in Pan India with the targeting of audience which mentioned under the targeting criteria.

All allowed promotional methods are selected under traffic sources. Targeting: Pan India Target Audience: 21 – 45 yrs,  Income above 5 lakhs p.a. Objective: To tap potential customers and deliver qualified conversions for Fno