Corpo Perfeito

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Добавлен: 01.07.2015
Обновлен: 18.10.2016

CorpoPerfeito is a virtual store of the company Galdrin Group and, in just a few years, became the greatest body supplement’s virtual retailer in Brazil, offering a great variety of products for body care.

The brand’s success is so extraordinary that Galdrin Group was chosen by Google as one of the 6 biggest cases of success in the internet worldwide and an inspire documentary was produced about the company and its history.


1. Professional orientation;

2. Products with an advanced technology;

3. Customized search for products according to the aim to be reached;

4. Free basic guide about supplementation with the register;

5. Reward system by accumulated points;

6. Easy method of payment:

- Credit cards and bank slip;

- Payment can be split up to 10x;

7. Students’ discounts;

8. Delivery in the entire country;

9. Variety of promotions;

10. Customer service by telephone or email.