Sweepstakes A Month - iPhone X

Категория: Розыгрыш призов
Добавлен: 27.04.2019

Restrictions: no adult, no SMS, no incent traffic. 18+ users only.
All creatives must be approved before sending traffic.

Creative Guidelines:

Can not:

  • Imply that only one user is selected to receive the reward daily
  • Use Fake Testimonials
  • Use Countdown clocks
  • Unless the offer disappears at the end of the countdown
  • Use photos that Advertiser or the Publisher does not own the rights to for the testimonials
  • No celebrity photos
  • Imply there is a limited quantity available
  • Imply that additional steps are not needed to redeem/get reward
  • Alter the content of a testimonial
  • Words cannot be changed


  • Use Real Testimonials
  • Use Count UP clocks
  • Use Countdown clocks if the offer disappears when the clock hits zero
  • Use stock photo’s that Advertiser or the Publisher own the rights to for the testimonials
  • When using a testimonial, the verbiage may be shorten but the content itself cannot be altered. Ie: Words cannot be changed
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