Play Station 5

Категория: Розыгрыш призов
Добавлен: 19.11.2020

Conversion: Finish signup form
Traffic: ES only
Incentivised: NO
Cash Incentivised: NO
Contextual :YES
Banner: YES
Email: YES
Search: YES
Coreg: NO
Terms and Conditions:
- Publishers can only use approved creative.
- only ES traffic allowed
- strictly no incentivized traffic
- no misuse of 3rd party brands If these terms are not followed publishers will not be paid for any leads delivered.
- The Advertiser reserves the right to check the validation of the lead up to 72 hours after the user registered.
- users must be +25
- Make sure that your advertising materials do only show brands displayed on the offer. It is absolutely forbidden to use any logos from following companies: AlCampo, ALDI, Auchan, Bilka, Carrefour, Decathlon, El Corte Inglés, Elkjop, Eroski, Fotex etc., Giganten, Gigantii, IKEA, Lefdal, LIDL, Mango, Mediamarkt, Mercadona, Netto, PC-City, ZARA, Hi3G, Gillette, Barilla, Ferrero.
Please have all pages approved by your affiliate managers before running the offer. NO INSTANT WINNER, suggesting the user has won a potential prize is allowed.
CAP for a publisher: 100 leads/day

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