Fleurty - Personal Hygiene

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Добавлен: 31.03.2016
Обновлен: 18.10.2016


Menstruation is still a nuisance for most women.
Cramping, mood swings and care with absorbent end up making this time of the month a nightmare.
The Fleurity menstrual cup allows women a greater freedom and less worry.

It is extremely comfortable because it is made of medical silicone, soft, malleable and imperceptible, molds perfectly to the body and makes women forget they're wearing, bringing comfort and safety.
Women using the collector say that it is possible to carry out physical activities and even everyday tasks without concern about menstruation.

Fleurity takes care of the planet, is reusable and its life is 10 years on average.
Fleurity is safe at all times!


  • Extremely comfortable;
  • Kit with two cups for the price of one;
  • Economy in long term;
  • 90 dias guarantee;
  • Delivery in the entire Brazil;
  • Many methods of payment;
  • Customer service bye mail or phone.