LIKE Video (Android)

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Добавлен: 20.07.2019

Join new affiliate program LIKE Video [CPI, Android] RU! LIKE Video Application is a video editor and video sharing community with over 200 million users worldwide. This is also the best free Indian video app.

Requirements for LIKE Video [CPI, Android] RU: Size - 46 MB Compatibility - 4.0 or higher   KPI detail: Day1 retention rate> 45%, Fraud pay rate (reports via Datavisor, Protect360 and internal anti-fraud system)  Protect360: install blocked rate=B  Block>70%, fraud pay rate=0%  50>B<70%, fraud pay rate=B/70%  B<50%, fraud pay rate=100%  (3)Total formula: (AF install - fraud install) × CPI price × KPI pay rate × fraud pay rate Daily CAP – 200 installs.

Allowed traffic sources: InApp DSP Mobile web MyTarget Yandex Direct Telegram Teasers Pop-up/Click-under Traffic Restrictions: Facebook, Google Adwords No deceptive or disruptive Ads.

No other browsers’ names or logos No simulation of system warnings and alerts No porn information or pictures No adult traffic No incentive Traffic No push notification traffic Creatives: You can download creatives HERE What attract people to Like Video? Video application LIKE has the same video sharing functions as other video and social network applications (eg, Snapchat, Facebook, Tik Tok, Whats App, Vigo Video, etc.).

The difference is that the LIKE video application works on the basis of our magic video editor, which offers exclusive customizable clips, dubsams, sync, duets, trend special effects and thousands of stickers and songs. Video application LIKE also teaches you how to create funny videos, attract more music lovers who will become your subscribers, and choose interesting content for posting on Facebook or Instagram, to look cool and make friends among those who like you.

LIKE video application offers amazing video editing tools and functions, as well as more than 300 emoji stickers and filters!   A selection of millions of original music genres such as pop, hip hop, indie music, rock, Tik Tok and music, movies and television shows from Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood.