Robocash - loans up to 25 000 PHP

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Добавлен: 11.03.2019

Robocash PH is an online lending company that offers fast loans up to 10 000 PHP (first loan) and up to 25 000 PHP (second loan). 

  • Type of the advertisement campaign: CPL
  • Description of the accepted action: unique loan application submitted on Robocash PH
  • Description of the reasons, for which the action may be declined: client is younger than 21 years old
  • Geotargeting: Philippines
  • Life length of the cookie file: 30 days by default
  • Time for processing and confirming of the results: validation report twice a month

Accepted traffic sources:

  • Banner advertisement
  • Context advertisement with following restrictions:
    - use of Robocash PH as Google Adwords keyword (also Display URL) in ad content
    - use of Robocash PH keyword in domain name (also as part of the domain)
    - forbidden to create Google Adwords with Robocash PH keywords
    - no permit traffic from social network
  • Email distribution
  • Traffic from social networks
  • Motivated traffic
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