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Добавлен: 11.02.2020

Rapicredit is a free destination and short-term online loan platform. Through this platform we offer credit lines that are between $110.000 COP (approx. $32 USD) to $750.000 COP (approx. $218 USD). For new customers, the maximum amount that the platform can approve is $200.000 COP (approx. $60 USD). The payment period of our credits goes between 5 to 30 days.
These are the requirements to apply to credit with Rapicredit :
• Be Colombian, of legal age and reside in Colombia. (Our clients are men and women between 18 and 50 years of age)
• Be a bank account holder.
• Have an active cell line in the name of the applicant.
• Have and use a personal email.
• Not be reported in risk centers. This condition should not be disseminated to potential customers, but should be taken into account for campaigns carried out.
• mainly of socioeconomic level 2 and 3.
• They have a stable job, with income between one and four monthly minimum wages
• They use our credits primarily for emergencies or unforeseen events that they cannot cover with their cash flow.
• They are familiar with the technology and in most cases, they have an intelligent cell phone from which they access the internet.

Accepted traffic sources:
Banner advertisement
Context advertisement
Email distribution: the piece must be approved by Rapicredit, in their shipment they must exclude blacklists delivered y Rapicredit. The email must indicate that it is sent by the affiliate, inviting the customer to Rapicredit
Traffic from social networks

Forbidden traffic sources:
Unwanted webpage content: pornography, erotics, gambling, deceptive content, moneyback projects, PTC, torrents
You can NOT use the keywords Rapicredit, Rapicredito, Rappicredit, Rapi Credit, or other variants thereof.; in Google Ads.

• Use misleading information as amounts different from those provided by Rapicredit
• wrong deadlines or promotions that are not active.
• Say the credit has already been approved or preapproved.
• In direct media such as email, push notification and SMS use a frequency higher than one message per day per customer.
• Send messages to email addresses and cell phones, which are in the list black supplied by Rapicredit.
• Send advertising to customers who have not authorized to receive it.
• Send messages that land on Rapicredit, using the image of another brand.
• It is not allowed to schedule in adult sites.