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Добавлен: 19.02.2021

Credino ES CPL

Description of your company: Credino helps customers in Spain find the loan they need up to 10 000 EUR, when and where they need it

Type of the advertisement campaign:CPL Qualified/accepted lead

Description of the accepted action: Costumer needs to fill in the 1 page registration form.
Description of the reasons, for which the action may be declined:  Not a real person, duplicate, fraudulent details. Duplicate, problems in the information introduced or simply not accepted

Geotargeting:  ES

Life length of the cookie file:  30 days

Time for processing and confirming of the results: 15 days

Accepted traffic sources: Banner advertisement, Email distribution, Traffic from social networks, Traffic from loan comparison websites, Context advertisement

Forbidden traffic sources: Unwanted webpage content: pornography, erotics, gambling, deceptive content, moneyback projects, PTC, torrents, adult, incentive, server, bot, Brand Context AD,

CPA-сеть Рейтинг Целевое действие Уровень
Гео Профит
LeadGid 7.2 Loan application accepted 1 2.00 EUR