Категория: Мед. консультации
Добавлен: 10.02.2020

Company Description- Jiva Ayurveda was founded in 1992, the world’s largest Ayurveda treatment organization where doctors consult more than 8,000 patients every day. Having pioneered the world’s first Ayurvedic center online and telemedicine practice in 1995, Java has leveraged technology to bring traditional, personalized Ayurvedic treatment to millions of people worldwide.

Campaign Description- It is a CPA (Cost per appointment) campaign in which affiliate must divert the traffic to advertiser site which can be converted successful appointment. Advertiser offering their affiliates to run it Top cities of India with the targeting of audience which mentioned under the targeting criteria.

All allowed promotional methods are selected under traffic sources. Targeting: PAN India market, age group of 18 and above.  Campaign Objectives- To generate eligible and intent customer appointments for Jiva Ayurveda.

CPA-сеть Рейтинг Целевое действие Уровень
Гео Профит
Admitad 7.6 Sale teleconsultation 1 607.00 RUB
Admitad 7.6 Lead 1 303.00 RUB