Категория: Ювелирные изделия
Добавлен: 31.01.2019
StellaMi Gioielli's Master Jewelery, Adriana Costa, formed in Europe, was one of the best and largest jewelers in Brazil.
The brand, created to bring even greater brilliance to people and their special moments, has a strong influence from the family and personal history of the three, rooted in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and has contributed so much to our formation.
United under the stars of the beach, our brand could not fail to reflect this: StellaMi Gioielli, translating our will to make every woman a star.
The purpose is to offer elegant, top quality jewelry, selected one by one and at the same time affordable. Jewels that offer the freedom and luxury of personalization, with the convenience and privacy of online shopping for a special audience that values ​​details.
With regard to the shopping experience, the partners' years of dedication to virtual solutions have allowed us to create an easy-to-use environment with innovative features that create a great shopping experience for discerning, creative and modern customers.