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Join a new affiliate program MU ORIGIN 2 [CPI, iOS] RU: Возрождение классики, продолжение легендарной MMORPG, лицензированное WEBZEN. Официальная версия MU, являющееся продолжением 16 летней классической онлайн игры. Собирайтесь заново со своими друзьями в MU! Полное 3D воссоздает классическую графику онлайн игры, а также вместе с передачей атмосферы Площади демонов, Кровавого замка привносит новые графические элементы и геймплей.

Requirements for MU ORIGIN 2 [CPI, iOS] RU: Important info: Do not create more then 10 subid!  Subids exceeding this number will not be considered and paid. KPI: CR > 0.5% CTIT >30s Passive assisted install < 50% Day 1 retention rate > 35% (lower will be deducted by proportion, eg. if retention rate is 30%, it will be full payment*30%/35% ) Day 1 retention rate < 10% - no payment No Fraud installs flagged by DataVisor No Fraud installs flagged by Protect360 Allowed traffic sources: Applovin MyTarget Yandex Direct Telegram Traffic Restrictions: Facebook, Google Adwords No deceptive or disruptive Ads.

No other browsers’ names or logos No simulation of system warnings and alerts No porn information or pictures No adult traffic No incentive Traffic No push notification traffic No Pop-up/Pop-under or other similar traffic promotions Creatives: Official creatives you can find HERE Graphic materials for selfmade creatives HERE Self-made creatives must be approved by your personal publisher manager or via admitad's ticket system! All self-made creatives for approval must be named by [PublisherID]_[Number of creative]_[GEO]_[Name of creative]. (Name of creative is optional) After reaching 100 installs please stop your traffic and apply to your personal manager (or to admitad's ticket support) for quality report. Best Regards, admitad afilliate team!