Gate of the sky (iOS)

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Добавлен: 31.05.2019

Join new affiliate program Gate of the sky [CPI, iOS] KR! Requirements for Gate of the sky [CPI, iOS] KR: Size - 1.3 GB Compatibility - Requires iOS 9.0 or later Traffic requirements: KPI detail: User is redirected to download the app; User should install and open the app for a few minutes; Daily 1st day retention rate >20%,100% payment; Daily 1nd day retention rate 10%≤ ~ ≤ 20%,Pay according to proportion; Daily 1nd day retention rate <10%,no payment。

Soft KPI: Character Creation Rate not less than 50% (According to Appsflyer Data) Level 10 achieving rate not less than 90% Level 20 achieving rate not less than 80% Level 30 achieving rate not less than 70%Restriction: No Push, No POP, No adult or any false traffic。 New device rate>30%, no pay.  

Daily CAP – 50 installs.   What attract people to Gate of the sky? Masterpieces like graphics Complete graphics implemented with the Unreal 4 engine! Artistic backgrounds and various vehicles Enjoy it with your own eyes 

■ Artistic air war 360 degrees free air combat is possible here! It differs from existing air combat Experience the unique aerial work of Arkaman  

■ Sculpted characters Delicate and sophisticated high-quality character! Artistic characters of Arkman Grow your own character 

■ Movie scale With a vast world map of over one million square meters You can enjoy endless contents freely. Start a huge adventure across the boundaries of heaven and earth  

■ Unlimited content Numerous combat systems and various dungeons And boss Reid, to the public PvP! Play the Arkas all ready