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Добавлен: 24.03.2016
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In 1997, in the city of Seara, a new store focused on people and the personalized service was created, the Schumann Furniture and Appliances.

In one hand, professionalism, entrepreneurship and market vision made Schumann overcome obstacles, quickly establish partnerships with major vendors and brands, and conquer its space in the national retail market. In the other, the close and familiar service and trading flexibility meant that in a short time the brand won the preference of thousands of customers.

Schumann is present in the southern Brazil. There are over 80 stores located in 69 cities of Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná.

In Schumann, the philosophy of giving attention to people is experienced internally with its first customers: their employees. Schumann believes that whoever makes the deal happen daily is its people. Now it has over a thousand direct employees, making the lives of thousands of families even more practical, complete and happier.


  1. Many categories of products;
  2. Many promotions;
  3. Safety certificate in the site;
  4. Several methods of payment;
  5. Present in social media;
  6. Customer service by phone, skype, whatsapp and email.