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Добавлен: 19.10.2016
Обновлен: 21.10.2016

NetDECOR chose to act in an exclusively online platform because it believes this is the most practical and efficient way to make the customers find everything they want.

In one place, within reach of a click, the customer has furniture available for the whole family and for all the corners of the house: living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, office, kitchen, service area, and also all more cute for the children and a lot of cool ideas for teenagers.

The diversity of products that netDECOR offers - with brands, designs, colors and distinct textures - would be impractical in a physical store.

NetDECOR respects the personal taste of each, individualities and preferences of each family and so makes sure to cover all decorating styles, from the classic to the contemporary.


  1. Furniture in all styles;
  2. Many discounts;
  3. Delivery to the entire Brasil;
  4. Certificate of reliable store;
  5. Present in social network;
  6. Customer service by phone or chat.