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Assad Abdalla's company had its first store in "25 de março", São Paulo, in 1900.

In a time that the commerce was made ​​by demand, Assad Neto had an entrepreneur vision to standardize the sales and insisted in selling pre-made curtains, what surprisingly was a great success. And, then, being the clients and their needs a priority to Assad, they started the process to diversify business, expanding their operations to other segments, such as decoration, appliances, etc. The same way that did the first Abdallah, the new generation travels through the world to find the best products and prices.

The main goal of Doural is to sell the widest variety of items.


1. Focused on clients;

2. 110 years of tradition;

3. More than 60 thousand items;

4. Easy method of payment:

- Can split up to 12x;

- Bank slip, credit card or “Bradesco Fácil”;

5. Deadline for purchasing withdrawal;

6. Delivery to the entire country;

7. Technology that allows you to have a bigger control on your personal information;

8. Customer service by telephone or email.


1. Long postclick period: 30 days

Tradition is tradition, join us!


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