Wellness Forever (Android)

Категория: Здоровье
Добавлен: 25.11.2021

Company Description :Wellness Forever is a ‘Pharmacy Led Wellness Destination’ which focuses on the complete wellness of all its customers. Clocking revenues of over Rs 1,000 crore for the current fiscal year, Wellness Forever has swiftly expanded its footprint to over 200+ stores in Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka.

The company aims to add over 150 more stores in the next year and 1,000 retail outlets in the next three years. They are mentored & backed by reputed business leaders from corporations such as the Allana Group, Patni Group, Poonawalla Group & Thakral Corporation. The first Wellness Forever store opened its doors in 2008, started by three seasoned veterans of the pharmaceutical industry who came together to create a spark in their ecosystem. Since the beginning, they knew that we want to focus on  Wellness of our Customers rather than illness.

Wellness forever is a pioneer in evolving the existing ‘behind the counter’ pharmacy format to a combination format that includes a self-browsing section of consumer packaged goods. Campaign Description : Wellness Forever campaign needs to be promoted on CPS where the validation will be done on sales through mobile app Objective : To increase visibility and drive sales for Wellness Forever Android app 

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