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Добавлен: 21.10.2022

Baytonia is a website that deals with everything related to the home Our story: Baytonia is the story of the two friends, Karam and Ibrahim’s passion for home furniture, and their realisation that the spirit of the house is reflected on its owners. The story begins in the year 2014, when Karam thought of establishing his own business in the field of home accessories and furnishings because of his intense passion for them, which started from his early childhood when he started working with his father in this field. Many problems and obstacles prevented him from realising his idea. and forced him Disregard it and forget it. Two years later, his best friend Ibrahim found the girl of his dreams, and decided to marry her.

Ibrahim began preparing the necessary equipment for his new life, and decided to design his house in a special and very distinctive way; Because of his interest and fondness for small details. Karam had noticed the difficulties he was facing Ibrahim is on a search mission The choice is especially due to the limited time available and the quality of the products available in the local market, and he wishes he could help. Ibrahim also travels a lot due to his work conditions, which gave him the opportunity to visit many home furniture stores and made him passionate about them. He noticed in his many visits that Spain is interested in ancient Islamic geometric shapes and decorations, while the Netherlands is interested in making ceramics in a distinctive and beautiful manner, and all this is completely different in Britain is known for its diverse designs.

And wandering around any city he visits to acquire some unique pieces and home accessories has become his new fun habit, but his joy was not complete because of his fear of shipping problems or their arrival in a bad condition, so Karam shared his concerns to find a solution together. Because of Karam and Ibrahim’s belief and realisation that the design of the house, its arrangement and the beauty of its pieces reflect on the people of the house and their general mood first, they decided together to provide the most beautiful household pieces from all over the world and make them available to everyone to increase their comfort and happiness in their homes. And from here The birth of “Baytonia” was; To be the closest and easiest way to acquire home accessories and furnishings, and reach every home in an elegant manner without facing any problems. 

Now we are in Team Petunia, where we find inspiration in exciting products with creative and eye-catching designs. With new designs and distinctive products, we present them to you on our website and we work hard to be developed on a permanent and continuous basis. Our first mission is to provide the site with everything new in the world of household products with attractive and distinctive ideas to suit your taste.   Why Baytonia? Distribution of the beautiful feeling has been the center of attention since day one, contemplating the most beautiful creatures in the world Nothing compares to the beauty of flower and the charm of its details. In our extensive search in the names of flowers we found the name of a flower with deep meaning. “Petunia” has a beautiful color and is one of the most attractive flowers.

And the most beautiful thing is that her name contains many wonderful details: the first part of her name symbolises [Beit], while the second part [Nia] is a common name in Georgia that symoolizes many meanings such as “goal, purpose, radiance, and brilliance.” We found that this name It reflects many of our goals and objectives and what we aspire to, that our products decorate the homes of our customers and make them shine brighter of another kind. Our goals: Sharing with every home our creations and facilitating the acquisition of beautiful, exclusive and distinctive pieces. Choosing high quality brands and adding wide assortments by our experts in an innovative and beautiful way. Enhance and create choices for good taste and add attractive touches for a more elegant and tidy home.

Facilitating the shopping service for all corners of the house through our website to be available to everyone. Our products: In Baytonia, we do not only choose beautifully shaped products, but we try to choose the latest designs from the best international brands specialised in home accessories and parts; Because we believe that the secret of our success is excellence and the provision of high quality products, all according to different customer service. Delivery: We can deliver the products to your home as soon as possible through shipping companies (Aramex - Silex), and we promise to ship your order from our warehouse within a maximum period of 7 working days. Return and Exchange: Return and exchange service is available for a period of 3 days from the time of ordering, provided that the product is returned in its original condition . When you report any problem or damage in the product during the shipping service, we will immediately send you another new and clean shipment.