Категория: Развлекательные сервисы
Добавлен: 02.04.2019

Lead: SOI
Device: Desktop / Mobile
Geo: CA, AU, NZ, HK, JP, SG, KR, US
Target: male 18+
Best traffic sources: push, social, email, display
Restrictions on traffic:

  • NO Incentivized / Content Locking traffic.
  • NO use of Rewards of any kind.
  • NO promotion mentioning the word FREE in any language.
  • NO promotion via Chat or Private Messages to members/friends on social sites/networks.
  • NO use of copyrighted videos on any video/streaming site.
  • NO Spam (e-mail / Web / IM etc)
  • NO AdWare / Spyware traffic allowed.
  • NO Misleading ads or creatives.
  • NO images of pedophilia, sexual abuses, zoophilia or images of models looking under 18 years old are allowed.

    CA AU NZ HK JP - desktop/tablet $1.6; mobile - $0.96
    SG KR US - desktop/tablet $1.2; mobile - $0.72
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Cpamatica 8.0 SOI 1 +5 80 %