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Добавлен: 23.12.2022

We’re on a mission to get the UK drinking proper Kombucha.  Our Kombucha is not mass-made and we don't add sketchy \"natural flavours\" or processed sweeteners like stevia or erythritol like some other brands. We only use real organic fruits & herbs and we craft brew our Kombucha traditionally on a gorgeous farm in Cheshire. We would like to invite you to help us in our mission to get the UK drinking proper Kombucha whilst making good commissions.

To keep the barrier to entry low we're offering your audience a 50% discount on our 6-bottle taster case, so instead of £20 it will be £10 and we throw in UK-Wide FREE DELIVERY to make it an easy decision for them. The discount code BESTBOOCH should auto apply once item is added to cart so your audience just need to click your link  The use of the coupon code is limited to once PER customer