Obé Fitness

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Добавлен: 21.02.2021

Join Obé Fitness US CA affiliate program! Obé is a premium lifestyle fitness network and community, streaming over 130 live fitness classes/week through their proprietary mobile app and website.

The daily live classes are complemented with a library of 5,400+ on-demand workout videos, all taught by the most sought-after instructors in NYC. obé’s signature 28-minute complete-body classes make fitness accessible, affordable, effective, varied, and fun—7 days a week.

Filmed and produced in a mesmerizing pastel-colored studio in Brooklyn, the obé set is inspired by 20th-century minimalist artists, Donald Judd and Dan Flavin, who are both known for their work with color, form, and space.

This thoughtfulness around design is intended to inspire joy and happiness for members at home and on the go.