Категория: Тематические курсы
Добавлен: 20.05.2020

Company Description: Ekeeda was founded with the sole purpose of making Engineering students employable by offering them quality content of curriculum, professional & skill based courses within an affordable price. Being first of its kind, Ekeeda's cloud platform enables engineering students to learn their courses from anywhere, anytime while being at their convenience.

Ekeeda’s curriculum courses are designed based on engineering syllabus, thus giving students better options to learn their college courses. And it doesn't end here! At Ekeeda is not just about providing online learning, and so they have collaborated with professional and technical expertise, making Ekeeda an amazing yet quality-focused e-learning platform Campaign Description: This is a (CPS) cost per sale campaign where the validation will be done on valid orders only.  Ekeeda provides an opportunity for publishers to earn commission every time a customer makes a purchase through admitad's affiliate link.