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Добавлен: 22.06.2022

Ringostat is a call tracking, telephony, and end-to-end analytics platform. It helps optimize marketing, considering ROI, build effective customer communication, and boost sales. It is the only service of its kind in Eastern Europe to be an official Google Analytics technology partner.

The website G2 has ranked Ringostat among the top 10 best services for inbound call tracking software. Ringostat is used worldwide. Customers from 26 countries already trust us, including OLX, Peugeot, Bosch, Sony, Jooble and Ajax.   The platform includes several products.

The main products are:

  • call tracking
  • helps you clearly understand which advertising channels drive calls, with 97% data accuracy.
  • virtual PBX (VoIP)
  • assists in communication with customers and, as a result, increases sales.
  • callback widget
  • boosts your conversions up to 30% from existing traffic.

Ringostat offers 30+ flexible integrations with popular CRM, web analytics systems, advertising accounts, and Facebook Pixel. It allows you to natively expand the Ringostat ecosystem and work with all the data you need in one interface.

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