AU Bank Credit Card

Категория: Кредитные карты
Добавлен: 29.09.2022

Company Description- AU is a dream that was started 25 years ago by Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, a merit holder Chartered Accountant and a first-generation entrepreneur. Founded in Jaipur in 1996 as Au Financiers, a non-deposit-taking Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC), it effectively worked on funding economic growth, especially for the under-served and un-served low & middle-class individuals.  Campaign Description- AU Bank CC CPA gives an opportunity for affiliates to earn good revenue if the credit card disbursals are delivered through affiliate links. 

CPA-сеть Рейтинг Целевое действие Уровень
Гео Профит
Admitad 7.3 Verified Lead 1 315.00 RUB