Soulier - Интернет магазин

Категория: Одежда и обувь
Добавлен: 16.05.2016
Обновлен: 18.10.2016

Soulier name means “shoes” in French, a way make an homage to the city that inspired the creation of the brand.

Seeking to renew and update in each new collection, the brand is constantly investing in research, training employees, technology, or any other element that can improve the process of creation and quality of its products.

Responsible for creating unique and comfortable pieces with fair price, Soulier pleases women of different styles. The mix of materials and the variety of colors are trademarks of Soulier, using that cheerful and colorful DNA and offers originality.


  1. Many colors and innovative design;
  2. Diverse discounts;
  3. Present in social media;
  4. Free shipping;
  5. Easy exchange;
  6. Payment in up to 6x;
  7. Safe certificate in the site;
  8. Customer service by phone, email or chat.