Rafarillo Calçados - Shoes Stores

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Добавлен: 18.10.2016
Обновлен: 21.10.2016

With much effort, sweat and hard work, 24 years ago it started a modest shoe factory in a small space, which kept big dreams and great ideas.

It was in this small space that has created the brand Rafarillo Calçados, inspired by the union of the names Rafael and Murilo, sons of the members.

Today, Rafarillo emerged as a trusted brand, which invests in the quality of its products. It is attuned to global market trends and has qualified representatives and satisfied employees.


  1. Recognition in the national shoes market;
  2. High quality and comfortable products;
  3. Many  types of public;
  4. R$10,00 discount in the first purchase;
  5. Many methods of payment;
  6. Present in social networks.