Affliction Holdings

Категория: Одежда и обувь
Добавлен: 20.01.2023

Affliction embodies the hard-edged attitude and spirited artistry of the fast living modern consumer. We encourage all interested sites to apply to our program. However, before you can participate in our program, we will need to approve your site. Mainly we look for sites that: Are aesthetically pleasing Do not display content that may be deemed pornographic or offensive These are only general guidelines, and we reserve the right to make exceptions.

Please note that while we try to respond to approval requests quickly, we receive a high volume of approval requests every day. For this reason, you may not hear from us immediately. However, if you do not hear from us within a reasonable amount of time, or you have questions concerning our program, please let us know.  Please note that if you fail to meet the terms of our agreement we may remove you at any time. 

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