A Teen - Интернет магазин

Категория: Одежда и обувь
Добавлен: 27.10.2015
Обновлен: 18.10.2016

Ateen is a renowned fashion store that was founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1995 under the command of the designer Maria Rita Magalhaes Pinto.

Over the years, it has become a reference for the contemporary women's fashion by using colors and free, flowing and feminine silhouettes.

Sophisticated, cosmopolitan, delicate, young and subtly sensual, the brand dress women of all ages with a unique style, naturally chic and minimalist.


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  3. Ateen OFF: best items for smaller prices;
  4. Delivery to the entire country;
  5. Payment split up to 6x;
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  8. Eficient customer servisse by email.