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THIS PROGRAM IS WORKING WITH PROMO CODES ONLY Ask your manager or send a ticket to get your own promo code. Pottery Barn Kids was founded in 1999 by two moms who knew firsthand the challenges of designing kids' bedrooms. They wanted furniture that was not only safe and comfortable, but also stylish, fun and built to adapt to their children's needs.

Pottery Barn Kids' mission has always been clear: to offer the utmost in quality, comfort, safety and style so it's easy for families to create healthy and happy spaces for their children to grow. We offer exclusive collections of children's furniture, bedding, and decor both online and at over 90 stores throughout the US and abroad. For over 20 years, we've been at the forefront of the latest design advances and we are honored to be part of so many families' lives.

Benefits of Pottery Barn affiliate program:  High average check Famous brand Vast audience Brand Bidding is not allowed. Prohibited usage of brand name, as well as any misspellings and variations: "Pottery Barn" (e.g., "Pottery" "Potterybarn", “Pottery and Barn”, etc). Prohibited usage of the brand name + geo/voucher / coupon. For context campaigns please use the list of prohibited keywords, anything that contains brand is strongly prohibited. 

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