PetiteBox - Kids and Mothers Care

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Добавлен: 27.11.2015
Обновлен: 18.10.2016

Petitebox is much more than a store of products for kids. The focus is on the Petitebox club, which is working for more than 1 year to offer the best service for parents and babies in this special moment.
The club works this way: a person signs up and receives, monthly, a box with 4-7 products of the best brands in baby and pregnancy lines.

Petitebox is a true family and will never get tired of looking for the best to the future moms and babies!


  1. Several kits with different themes;
  2. One month, 3 months or 6 months plans;
  3. “Crown” system: each purchase generates a quantity of crowns that converts into credits for the next purchase;
  4. Blog about kids and moms;
  5. Payment by invoice and credit card;
  6. Recognized program by Brazilian media;
  7. Consumer service by phone, message on the website or email.
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