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Добавлен: 25.05.2016
Обновлен: 18.10.2016

Abra Cadabra was founded 30 years ago.

It started with a small shop in Rio de Janeiro and now is one of the largest children's furniture retailers in Brazil.

The company follows the whole process closely to ensure that the customer has the best shopping experience, from help with the baby shower, baby room assembly to the tips of the best mobile home.

Therefore, in Abra Cadabra customers find the best products and brands at unmissable prices and promotions: furniture, prams, decoration, products for walking, toys, daily use, food, bath products, mattresses and layettes.


  1. 10 categories and many subcategories;
  2. Many promotions;
  3. Outlet;
  4. Many methods of payments;
  5. Free shipping;
  6. Delivery to the entire Brazil;
  7. Certificate of safe site;
  8. Many tips and sugestions.