Eudora Cosméticos

Категория: Мода и красота
Добавлен: 31.01.2019

Launched in February 2011, Eudora is one of Grupo Boticário's business units. Eudora believes that it is only alive who is doing, who is assuming the place of protagonist to which every woman has right.

Eudora wants to help women make their lives happen. Therefore, it offers a wide product portfolio. With more than 600 items and serving the most varied beauty categories like perfumery, makeup, enamels, hair, body, bath and accessories.

Eudora reaches the consumer with a multi-channel strategy, which includes direct sales, e-commerce, as well as own stores and kiosks for experimentation and purchase of products.
The brand supports entrepreneurship and stimulates the career of thousands of women, so it has in direct sales the main marketing channel, with Representatives registered in several regions of Brazil.
The Eudora Representative is the strength of the brand. Whether it's products, services, content or opportunities, Eudora is always looking for ways to encourage every woman to make her life happen.