Crush Them All! (iOS & Android)

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Добавлен: 14.07.2023

Join Crush Them All! [CPS, iOS & Android] WW affiliate program! March your way through the evil lands, crush the gigantic bosses and free the princess in the epic IDLE role-playing game, Crush Them All. Tap with one finger, collect and upgrade hundreds of heroes, find powerful artifacts and progress in this never-ending journey even while taking a break! Features: Immerse yourself in a dazzling fantasy world of demons, beasts, and giants as you power your way through the various creatures that stand between you and total glory. Click and tap to boost your damage output and crush your enemies!

Upgrade your heroes and unleash their full potential by equipping them with powerful artifacts. Keep your team growing stronger and stronger in this endless chase to become the best you can be. Sometimes raw strength isn’t enough. Use your heroes’ skills and abilities to rain down meteors or tear your foes into pieces. It’s all about timing, so use the skills at the right moment to get the most out of them! More than 1000 challenging stages await the next team of heroes to challenge them. Do you have what it takes to beat them all? More than 100 unique heroes are ready for you to recruit them. Add them all to your team and destroy the forces of evil!

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