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Добавлен: 14.06.2017
Обновлен: 15.06.2017

Easy to buy, easy to like!A huge variety of products with the best deals, as well as flight and accommodation with discounts and exclusive benefits.

The ShopFá gathers the best players of various market segments and has deals with prices and unique benefits.

The only goal is to find the best deal for customers.


  1. Origin - we are part of the Bradesco Organization.
  2. Complete - Several partners in one place.
  3. Track your order online - All your purchases on the site, with any of our partners, are available on the tab My Orders.
  4. One cart - We are a marketplace which allows the purchase of any product website, several vendors at once.
  5. Security - Your data is protected by Digicert® following the rules of PCI®, stored safely in a kind of safe.
  6. Real-time information - Our product offerings, areas tickets and lodgings are updated in real time with our partners.
  7. ShopFá service - Any questions, complaints or suggestions.