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Blustone (iOS)

Категория: IOS
Добавлен: 07.09.2017
Обновлен: 07.09.2017

Journey through a frozen tundra and search for hidden treasures. Fight the enemies and beasts that stand in your way!  Survive the competition by building the ultimate team! Recruit new hunters, assemble your team, and become a legendary captain!

What is interesting for users in Blustone:

Quick Action Like Never Before! Launch attacks 10+ times per second with immediate response using your fingertips! Relieve that deep-rooted stress through thrilling and invigorating excitement!

Faster Is Easier! Faster taps, more attacks, and more wins. Fire numerous attacks within seconds at ease. Tap away - as much as you want!

You Are Not Alone. It’s All about Team Play! Build your own team of 4 unique characters! The combat offense and defense, an explosive bomber, and a healer.

Cinematic Action Scenes to Capture Your Attention! Funny at times, and rough at times - immerse yourself into lifelike animation! Beyond simple introductory clips, we’ll take you on an adventure!

Crazy and Fun-Loving Characters! Meet a girl obsessed with bombs, a forever-alone grandpa, a pair of bread-hungry girls, a loan shark gunman, and many more! Collect a variety of teammates to learn their unique backstories.