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Категория: Одежда и обувь
Добавлен: 07.09.2017
Обновлен: 07.09.2017

In 2009, Loungerie came to the intimate fashion market with a new concept of lingerie!

With the idea of offering the best experience, with a unique service in the segment, Loungerie opened its first store in Shopping Morumbi and became a reference in the fashion retail market in Brazil.
It brought as a differential the concept of Perfect Bra, with different combinations of chest size and bust, which allows a perfect fit.
Another brand differential is the variety of products. Every week a new collection is launched, offering a complete portfolio of lingerie, loungewear, beauty and accessories, as well as the internationally renowned brands DKNY, Hanky Panky, Wacoal and Spanx.
Currently the brand has more than 44 stores and is present in 15 states and continues its expansion plan.


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